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About InnoTel AB

InnoTel combines the words “Innovative” and “Telephony”; a new OTT (Over The Top) telecom service provider that enables businesses to reduce their telephone communications costs by 40% to 95% using an innovative technology that works seamlessly with their existing infrastructure and requires no upfront capital investment.

InnoTel focuses on delivering what the customer really needs: an easy to use, affordable service with impeccable sound quality.

The company belongs to the new generation of mobile service providers, without owned or rented mobile networks, or revenue streams to protect at the customers’ expense.

There have been several recent very successful OTT ventures in the consumer (B2C) segment: Skype, Viber and Rebtel. They have taken a large a chunk of the market share from incumbent providers such as Telia, Vodafone and Telefonica. However, none of the newcomers have so far claimed a position as the challenger in the business (B2B) segment.

As an early mover in the business segment, InnoTel envisions this leading position, combining a consumer friendly interface with the reliability that businesses require.

The InnoTel OTT platform is based on a strong patent portfolio with patent with priority day since 2005.