SIP Trunk

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Innotel SIP Trunk is a safe and proven service that supports most of the market's IP PBX's from open source based systems that Asterisk to Aastra, Avaya, Ericsson LG, innovaphone, Mitel, Panasonic, Samsung, Shoretel, Skype for Business (formerly Microsoft Lync ), Unify others. The service provides an adequate substitute for traditional business ISDN connections at a significantly lower price. Although both installation charges and call rates are among the lowest in the market sent the call via only the best possible compression and call quality, so-called premium rating.

What is SIP Trunking?

The service SIP Trunk completely replaces the traditional ISDN connections while the need for CPE gateways for converting calls to / from IP telephony are eliminated - all traffic between IP phones and the public switched telephone network is managed by a redundant gateway equipment in InnoTels networks. With Innotel SIP Trunk connects an IP-based PBX to the PSTN directly over the Internet or an IP VPN.

What is included?

The service provides access to all the basic functions and services that traditional telephony features, such as number ranges, direct calls, calls to emergency services and other social services. Most of the additional services offered to traditional telephony is also available in combination with a SIP Trunk.

System IP PBX

The customer's IP PBX is assumed to have support for SIP Trunk that takes care of user authentication. Older switches that do not support SIP Trunk can be connected via VoIP Gateways.