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SmartCalleris a mobile application designed to reduce international mobile rates by up to 95% for your business.


  • Easy to install and use
  • Significant savings for international calls and roaming calls
  • Works with any mobile operator and does not need SIM cards swapping or multiple handsets
  • Good sound quality (not based on unreliable mobile VoIP)

Easy to install for 1, 100 or 10 000 users

The SmartCaller app sent to the users' handsets with an advanced MAM (Mobile Application Management) system. A simple click in an SMS link will trigger to start to download the application and its settings.

Android VIDEO
- How to install the Android app
- How to make an International call
- How to make an Roaming call

iPhone VIDEO                                               
- How to install the iPhone app
- How to make an International call
- How to make an Roaming call

Reduce your international call costs with up to 95%

When you place a call the SmartCaller app will call a local number which is forwarding to the destination number. From the mobile operator you will only pay a local call and if you have a flat rate subscription this call will be free. InnoTel will charge you a low cost for the International call. Depending on country and mobile operator but the average cost savings is in the most case over 75%.

Reduce your roaming cost with up to 95%

Many businesses have their largest customer base or partners abroad. This means frequent travelling and high roaming costs. Assuming the user does not want to swap SIM-cards or the hassle of using local phones, there are no really simple solutions to this problem. Some advanced users will use VoIP (a.k.a. mVoIP) over WiFi services such as Skype and Viber, but these are not really reliable due to network complications, coverage, handset battery consumption, accessibility and stability. The quality of a mobile VoIP calls is most often not sufficient for a business call.

InnoTel reduces costs from abroad by using the existing mobile roaming networks, but relies on the fact that incoming calls when roaming is most often substantially cheaper than placing an outbound call. In fact, two local calls plus the inbound roaming call rate can be as much as 95% cheaper than an outbound roaming rate. On average, it’s around a 55% saving. The SmartCaller application is uniqeuly designed to work without the need of data when roaming.

SMARTCALLER vs others (Mobile operator, Skype and Viber)

It’s a djungle with many different solutions which want to help you reduce the cost for international calling:

  • Mobile operators offer good sound quality, but expensive international and roming calls. It is possible to buy special bundles which give you cheaper international calls, but for roaming calls it’s often difficult to get any real discount.
  • OTT services such as Skype and Viber have decreased the cost for international calls, but the services are developed for the consumer market and are not reliable enough to be an option for important business calls.
  • Travel SIMs operator create affordable rates, but have never really made any real success, since it is tedious to have multiple SIM cards and mangae more than one handset and/or numbers.

InnoTel is the first solution that combines the strength from the mobile operator with it’s quality and at the same time offers a much lower costs both for international calls and roaming calls, without need of a new SIM card.



Telia is the incumbant and largest mobile service provider in Sweden. We have compared the tariffs using InnoTel's SmartCaller and Telia. The avarage saving for an international call are 75%. The average savings for roaming calls are 52%